Just back from Garden International School Rayong.The Program was contraction and Prevention of HIV/AIDS.The Students had a lot of fun but in the same time learning how to protect themselves. Showing Video how to use a condom and learning all that there is to know about a Condom,from the package to the expiry date.Also a Video about transmission and prevention within Thailand and infection (statistic within Thailand 2016).It was my first time teaching in English outside Camillian Social Center Rayong and I am sincerely thankful to the director Father Tao Tartaruga sending me and having this new experience. The response was over warming and the students had so many question but there was so little time.

Thank you to all my close Friends Larissa Viravaidya Stillman ,Andrea Winkler-Wilfurth Winkler Chris,Marc Krebsbach,Daniel Heß,Frank Geisler,Norman Vernon,Elke Weinsheimer Geb Heinze,Sirilux Rech and all my Friends without you meaning this very special Friendship which i call the real value of Life , i could have not this strength to go on with the work i do here in Camillian Social Center Rayong.I am not so good with words for explaining this importance to me about your Friendship....Thank you so much,God bless you all

Sumalee Viravaidya 

Sumalee Sanguan Viravaidya 

 (Oct 3, 1938 - Mar 28, 2014)


Deutsche Volunteer PCU Palliative Care Unit

01.07.2016 08:00
Viel Freude und ein gutes Herz für die Kinder und Erwachsenen hier im Camillian Sozialzentrum Rayong Thailand , bringen Profesionelle Volunteere aus Europa . Es sind ausgesuchte Volunteere die wie zum Beispiel Psychotherapie , physical education teacher / Sportlehrer Secondary school teachers...

Hielfdienst in Thailand

23.04.2016 00:00
Wir sind fuer Sie da