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Initiation of 
the Missionaries of the Camillian Order came in the early fifties to Thailand to the poor people medical care. With the same spirit, for the sick, like a mother for her sick child, are missionaries of the Camillian still in Thailand and supply and take care of the sick in body and soul. Founded at the end of 1995 Father Giovanni Contarine, an Italian priest, the Camillian Social Center in Rayong province. The Center has been set up to the homeless, the needy and the accursed human protection and cares to grant with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) life. Special importance was dedicated to women and children, because of the non-protection testing members of society were.The Camillian Social Center is a charitable institution and is supported by the St.Camillus Foundation. This has its seat in the district of Huae Pong and manages and runs seven projects in the southeast of Thailand. The projects are part of an integrated project management to help people living with HIV/AIDS, from prevention to care and rehabilitation.
Palliative care 
By June 2014, 2700 people who live with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA), came into contact with the Camillian Social Center (CSC). 890 of them died from the disease AIDS and 1810 was given the chance to go back to society and live a whole life. At present, 102 infected people live in the CSC, at 38 of them a disease-alleviating treatment is required. 
The aim of the disease-alleviating treatment is to minimice the progression of the disease so that the patient can live with it as long as possible. Death should not be accelerated or postponed; Life is the goal. But dying must also be seen as a normal process. The CSC provides care for people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) who are in different stages of AIDS. The center has a full-day nurse and their assistants are all also HIV infected or live with AIDS but they are capable and willing to provide this nursing service. The people living with HIV/AIDS also receive excellent and high-quality medical treatment. 
Center for Childcare 
Our activities for the benefit of orphans living with HIV/AIDS began in January 1996. The orphans who live with HIV/AIDS need special care and attention due to the effects of the disease and the side effects of medicine. In our children's center, 38 children are cared for in an atmosphere in which they try to feel the healthy children. All children living with HIV/AIDS are treated with a medication against the emergence of retroviruses. 
Children who are too young or too ill are taught a degree of literacy in reading and writing so that they are able to obtain formal training qualifications if they get older or stronger. 
We are excited to report that now 30 of our children have been admitted to the local schools. We are also very pleased to be able to say that all children were included in the State Children's program (parasite). 
However, the virus is more aggressive in the older children so that they have to increase the strength of the drugs against the emergence of retroviruses. Since 51% of this medicine is only available at the large pharmaceutical, the cost of this year has risen. 
The children participate in other activities and excursions that aim to expand the children's worldview, develop positive attitudes towards life, and improve their physical, psychological and spiritual well-being.
If you decide to support this project, we would ask you to transfer your estimated donation directly to the following account: 
St. Camillus Foundation of Thailand, 
Bank of Ayudhya, Map-Ta-Phut Branch Rayong, account number 229-1-29336-3 (AYUDTHBK).
You can also make a donation in Germany directly via the Dr. Andrea Winkler-Wilfurth Foundation. Since the costs are very high to transfer directly to Thailand, we work with Dr. Andrea Winkler-Wilfurth, who has visited us in person. Here you can find the address and bank details: 
Dr. Andrea Winkler-Wilfuth Foundation
Ludwigstrasse 7 
92224 Amberg
Tel.: 09621/4727-25 
Donation account: Acc. No.: 348504240, HypoVereinsbank Amberg 
Bank code.: 75220070 
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